Some of you may know Richie Carbone, one of the best detailers I know, a best friend and also your fellow member here.  If you scroll to the bottom of all the pages, his little ad is there, and has been there for sometime.

One of the most important things about this network is we truly are 1 big family and we try very hard to always promote to get to know you neighbor or fellow member, because we are a family.  I  personally have made so many friends here and it continues to grow. 

Richie has been a friend long before we started the network and my wife and I even spent  Christmas eve at his house last year with him and his wife Christine.  A great couple and we had a wonderful time.  The few and I mean the very few of you (hint hint)  who came to the Muscle Car Network Christmas Party at Route 46 last year (2011), got to meet both of them, as they were in attendance.




   In late April or May, I forget now exactly when we got the news, Christine suffered a massive heart attack at age 44 and had to be revived several times.  She was a a true warrior and though the doctors thought it might be best to let her go,  Richie said confirmed she was a fighter and under no circumstances were they not to do everything they could for her.  Christine proved to be a fighter and month by month she was getting better and better, she was responding to the people around her, she knew where she was and a miracle was taking place before our eyes.

Richie was with her day and night all the while attempting to keep it together at home, and do a detail here and there to keep money coming in, especially in this tough economy. 

Today, I am sad to report, Christine lost that battle she fought so bravely and she has passed away, just a week after her 45th birthday, from complications.  My Heart and my prayers goes out to Richie and Christine. Heaven has another angel today, and I was glad to know her.

Please leave your messages for our fellow member who is part of this big family we have here. 

In the coming weeks ahead, Richie is a proud man and would never ask for donations, though God knows he could use them, but if you feel the need to get your car detailed,  I am sure he would appreciate the extra work. 

Here is what Richie posted on facebook today

Richie Carbone  I write this post with a heavy heart. Today at 3:25 pm Christine was pronounced clinically brain dead. She put up one hell of a fight but this last coding episode was too much for her to overcome. I was blessed the past 17 years, she made life so much fun and made me a better person.

God I miss her.



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hi Ritchie we are so sorry for your loss. Know that she is in heaven its never easy. if there is anything we can do please let us know.

That's terrible news indeed.  Ritchie is a class guy and I'm glad to know him and glad that I was one of the few at the Christmas party and got to meet Christine.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Richie.

Prayers coming your way for you and your Family, Sorry for your loss.

There are no words to express how saddened Candy & I are by this news. Richie & Christine will always be in our thoughts & prayers. We extend our deepest sympathies to Richie & to Christine's family at this very difficult time.

Thanks for reaching out everyone, Kelly and I were with Richie yesterday and he has alot of support from family,  but do keep them all in your prayers.

So sorry to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers go out to Richie and his family.

My sincerest condolences for the loss of your lovely wife. I am so very sorry for your loss.

Richie please know how sorry I am to hear the very sad news about Christine.  Even though I didn't know you & Christine that well there is a bond among all of us car enthausists and when one of us go through a terrible time we all feel it.  Will be praying and thinking of you and your family in the coming months..

Condolences and prayers from the Joos Family to the Carbone Family. God Bless 

OMG- I am SO sorry.  After my husband's daddy passed away last month, I know how words just cannot explain emotions.  We will pray for you and know that she is in a better place.  I am the same age as her and it reminds us all how we should cherish every second together. 

Thoughts and prayers for Richie and all his family

Richie has been my friend for many years and my heart goes out to Richie and his family.



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