Well after I got a few of my honey dos done, Kelly and I headed on down to the Street Rod show in Tampa, for the first time, since I lived here and it was not a disappointment.   As big or bigger then the turkey run show.  What I loved and made it different is, it was more of a Car Show then the Turkey Run is, very few vendors, lots of show cars and swap meet vendors.  Enjoyed it.  

Here is part 1 of my photos.  I will finish up the rest of the photos today. 

The interesting thing was there was a car show in the parking lot as well.  I just step out of my car and had to take some shots.  There was plenty of room inside for more cars, so I guess the price kept these guys out.  For 2 people to view the show and park was $34. I think it was about $50 to $75 to display your car in the show and since they charged a admission, that offset the costs of registering for the show abit.   Anyway  here is my part 1 of my pics


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Wow.  Those are some beautiful rides.

Great looking event JR & cool pics. Can't wait to see the rest.

Here is the rest of the photos I took.... ENJOY



JR, what a great collection of automotive history. Especially like those '67 Chevelles. Thanks.

 Here is a short clip of the cruising going on. Pretty cool to get into your car and cruise around the show

Pictures are great, JR, was there Saturday and the day was great, nice breeze. So many Hot Rods, brings back memories of olden days up north.


Great Pictures JR. 

We went over on Sunday and spent 5 non stop non rest hours just looking at the cars and didn't get to see them all.  I was in awe of so many of these cars; just don't know how people can make an automobile look and sound (and sometimes smell) so good!

I would echo your point about this being a car show, VS the Turkey Rod Run being more swap meet oriented.  We also just got back from the Shades of the Past Car Show a few weeks back in Pigeon Forge and I got to tell you I think I saw more "quality" cars at this show in Tampa.

This was my first time as well and I would recommend this show to anyone without hesitation.

thanks for taking a pic of my 71 dart. cool to see your own car on someone else's site. i took a lot of pics i would like to show everyone but i am having trouble transferring the file over.



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