I saw a discussion about oil filters.  I really did not realize how cheap most of them are made.  Are Fram filters really a piece of junk?


Here is a website the does a good job of comparing filters side by side (though it is a old article) 


                                                                                  Oil Filters


still very informative.  What do you think?

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I use a System 1. You can open it up, look at it and clean it out.

Heard about the article but still using the frams. I typically change 3/4,000 miles, filter and oil. On the Neon that means once a month, New Journey 3.6 was a breeze with filter change from the top of motor. Maybe would worry if you follow some of new 10,000 mile intervals.

i ran WIX filters for years on all kinds of cars, trucks and heavy equipment. Hard to find for the DIY guy, but NAPA gold filters are made by WIX and i havent found a better one yet. The bypass valve is the kicker, and the weak point on most filters.


ALSO....avoid the "free for life" oil change gimmics from the dealers, and other such gimmics.  just pay for good oil and a premium filter, and you'll have no probems. otherwise they use crappy oil and as one dealer parts guy told me, the cheapy filters can be "tissue paper rolled up in a can". Most dealers DON"T do this thank god, but one i know for sure does, and i won't mention any names but theres this ad they use saying they are "the home of the 19.95 oil change" or something like that.


 you can also get the OEM filters at Autozone sometimes too. and thats not bad for a street driver/grocery getter.  But for something HiPo, why risk it? Get something premium.


most of the filters you can open up are also good, just dont have the bucks for one of those.

I have been changing my own oil every 5000 miles on every car I have owned.  Picked that up from my dad, we used to do it one the floor in our old 1 car garage.  Probably what got me into cars.  I do it with my daughter now. I think if you change it frequently, more important than the filter is the oil.  I have used regular Castrol up until they started putting synthetic in the new cars, and now put Mobil 1 in the ones that need that.

I used Fram filters for years (still do on the truck), but have also used other name brands when they were part of the oil change special at the parts store.  I have lived in both cold and warm climates, and have never had an oil related failure.  I have taken motors apart with 100K+ miles and you can eat off the lifter valley.  It is more about never missing the change and using decent stuff.  There are probably tests galore that will say one is better than the other, but for the street or even mild performance use, the interval is the most important thing.

That said, if you were to use some of the new, recommended change intervals (which I have seen up to 10K miles), the filter may be a more important factor as more deterioration may occur with the longer time.  I have two now that recommend 7500 mile intervals, but I still like to get under there every 5K to make sure there are no leaks, and everything is tight.  And for the hour it takes, it is good piece of mind.



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