NASCAR lost me when they started running "Cookie Cutter" cars.It used to be that all you could do was balance and blue print and engine. A car owner even had to run factory gaskets, stock spark plugs, in other words, they had to have the car as stock as it was coming off the assembly line. If NASCAR ever went back to that format, I would, more than likely, go back to watching.

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Chrysler did the right thing!!  The NASCAR cars are not representative of the cars the manufactures build & sell.  The only brand recognition is what stickers they put on the car.  NASCAR has managed to dictate so many rules and standards that what they have now is nothing more than IROC Race cars being driven by celebrities rather that real down to earth racers.  During the rain delay at Pocono the TV Time they dedicated to interviewing drivers was nothing more than a Sunglasses Commercial.  It's raining and these clowns are strutting around in their Big Buck Sunglasses - Idiots.

the Challenger and Muskrat bodys have been in use for 2 years now.  Don't care much for Camry, and they keep me employed too!


keep in mind they are all running the same rear ends, almost the same transmissions, all engines must meet the exact specs, the same ignition, same body height and length,  and the new injection systems are all controlled by big brother NASCAR.

Rob H. just described an IROC car - case closed!!




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